Ashes Of Moon

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Band: Ashes Of Moon Genre: Melodic Death Metal Music: The music of Ashes of Moon is inspired by the members favourite bands, which are mainly Scandinavian melodic death-, death- and black metal bands, but still has its own style. A contrast between hard, brutal riffs, growling vocals, beautiful melodies and acoustic passages, attended by changing spheres, was created. The lyrical contents are mainly sorrowful feelings, love, death and various emotions, often described by natural metaphors. Bio: Ashes Of Moon was founded by bassist/vocalist Matthias Fibrich and guitarist Michael Sägmüller in winter 2009 at their home town Bruck an der Mur, locatet at Upper Styria, Austria. The two musicians got to know each other in an other music project and decieded to form their own band. The line-up was completed by two firends and former bandmates of Matthias, Dominique Studer on drums and Christoph Ajd as lead guitarist. At first, Ashes Of Moon should be a thrash metal band called Tracked Grader, but soon changed to melodic death metal music style.

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