Mean Poppa Lean heisst die neue Funkrock Naturgewalt aus Brighton.

Das verrueckte Sextett hat eine Buehnenpraesenz wie man es wohl seit Mother Tongue nicht mehr in Aflenz gesehen hat.
Letzes Jahr wurde die Band in England als bester Festivalact/Critics choice nominiert, neben renommierten acts wie Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Graham Coxon (Blur) und The Prodigy.

Das englische BRIGHTON SOURCE Magazin hat die Liveshow von Mean Poppa Lean folgendermassen beschrieben:
"Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Faith No More's Mike Patton on vocals, with maybe some Foals and some Friendly Fires thrown in for more contemporary measure, this is clearly a band on the cusp of national arena adoration."

Dem gibt es nichts mehr hinzuzufuegen, also nicht verpassen!


"..with a hint of 6ix Toys, a dash of Red Hot Chili Peppers and plenty of good humour Mean Poppa Lean were the discovery of the weekend. The quartet (sextet if you count their trumpet and sax [er, trombone? - C-Dogg] duo the Horny Brassholes) already have a polished their live show: call and response tracks, getting the crowd to go down low and “a little more bacon, a little more sausage,” quips from the singer trying to get the drummer to hit the high hats more, which added a tongue-in-cheek twist to the set. There were parts of Smoove and Jacko during ‘How Times How Hot’, Flea basslines lurking underneath ‘The Pash’ and with great showmanship to boot, MPL need to be caught to believed.
(, Great Escape Festivalreview )

" the Prince Albert the rammed audience are treated to the funk hilarity of Mean Poppa Lean. Christian Jennings Barnes’ soulful vocals at times sound like Michael Jackson, while ‘Ginger Assassin’ C-Dogg comedy gurns his way through guitar solos and asks the crowd if they have ever seen a musical instrument played with a live animal. He then proceeds to strum his with a ‘Shark Stimulation’ sign from the wall. During final song ‘Hot Times How Hot’ the crowd answer the call and response chorus and drummer Grills plays a drum solo as Jennings Barnes conducts, saying, “Give me some bacon! Now give me some sausage! And give me some eggs!”
(, Great Escape Festivalreview, 8/10)

"...eccentric Brighton Funk lunatics, Mean Poppa Lean, are without a doubt the most recognisable band in performance due to their refusal to adhere to any currently known school of thought when it comes to stage wear. These boys are all genius and are heading for greatness"
(You got Pepped Magazine)

"...they are the best live band I have laid my eyes on in years, and will be playing every festival in the UK this year, I will make sure of that!"
(Mark Chadwick - The Levellers)

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