The Peas Project (BEL) Sublime Jahresfest

  • Samstag, 07 April 2012 - 22:00 Uhr
  • Tickets: 10,- / 12,- / 14,-
  • Info: Sublime Jahresfest

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The Peas Project started out in Brussels when a bunch of nine young boys gathered around a common passion for music.
Strongly influenced by rock and funk rythms the band was led by a jazzy, twisted and powerfull horn section and a rapper/singer who grew up on Prince and brought a “pop” touch. They named the band after Maceo Parker and the JB’s funk standard “Pass the peas”.
It took them a few months to draw attention from “Brussels Jazz Marathon” and give a performance at the young talent contest that led them to play the same year at Le Botanique for Jazz Tour and on Brussels Grand Place in may 2005.
That year, The Peas Project clearly confirmed their ability for stage business. Each performance was a blast of energy, humor and spontaneity. Audiences were captivated.
Their first collaboration with dj Mellow was at “Namur Film Festival”, he soon joined the band and brought his knowledge of groove.
In 2005, in Lille (France), they opened for Maceo Parker himself ! He didn’t forget about them as they met again the next year in Luxembourg. For the couple of years to come, The Peas Project toured through festivals along with James Brown, George Clinton, Groundation, Shantel , Salif Keita…
As independant producers, led by the desire of bringing grooviness to their town, they invited other funk bands and put up the “Fonky night”. Then, they released their first opus named “This Is Our First Record” (AMG records) wich is a compilation of the live songs they had been playing until then. The release party that took place on march 17, 2007, was a memorable “bash” !
Two and a half year later, the musicians had the maturity to bring some new material out of the studio, they came up with “Power & Romance” (Believe Digital). This “electrourban-afro-pop-funk” piece was totally composed in studio.
The musical approach is clearly more mature and intense. But the band hasn’t lost a bit of its live energy, the release show in Le Botanique in april 2010 shows it and their stunning performance on the Grand Place in may confirms it. This time they’re throwing away the good old funk, giving up their personnal meaning of groove, their own futuristic funk.
Lowup, made by some of the Peas project members, is a nightclubbing label that shines a light, every month, on today’s alternative Dj’s from worldwide. A remix album of “Power and Romance” made by these dj’s is soon to come.
Today, the band is aiming at a larger audience since they’re convinced every one deserves a good dancing. The body of work is growing, bounderies are going down !

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