Wild Evel & The Trashbones (AT) & The Jackets (CH) Record Release Show + Burlesque Show and DJs

Wild Evel & The Trashbones (A)
Some people think musicians are weird, and many people WILD EVEL & THE TRASHBONES are thee weirdos! And to tell you the truth, yes they are! Like WILD EVEL, the band-leader and singer, who spends his spare hours painting ugly cavemen and other mean garagenicks in acrylic, spinning records or surfing sidewalks...and MURPHY, the rhythm-guitar player, who reminds himself not to be vain by placing a mirror so high above his apartment floor he can ́t see himself. Or PAUL, the lead-guitar player, who ́s held 66 jobs in one year and is quite a philosopher and the thinker in the band...and DIANA, who plays the bass-guitar and has enough credits for two degrees yet only graduated in garage-punk... or BERNI, the wild-hitting drummer, who is the biggest bone-necklace-producer in the western world!
Today they ́ve happened. They have hits like “It ́s A Monster” or “Where You Gonna Go” to their credit and recently toured all across Europe...and people like WILD EVEL & THE TRASHBONES are really adding something worthwhile to today ́s music scene.
They ́ve proven this by this first album that they can write music as good – or better – than anybody else around today. Among outstanding cover-versions like “Black Cat” you can find the whole variety of cavedweeling-bloodsparkling-bonerattling-hotrodding-surfrolling garage-punk like a haunting wild and blues-harp-driven “I Wanna Be Your Caveman”, the frenzied “Hot Rod Zombie”, the teen-ballad of “Cathalina” as well as the light-footed- watusimaniac instros “Lurf” and “Mobumbu Hop”, not to forget “Oh Yeah”, “Rumble The Streets And Fight” and more...there are 17 songs full of FUZZ-guitar, FARFISA-organ, angst-ridden teen-HOWLS and hard garage-BEATS that will shake your hips, flip your heads and scare your grandmother!
In action WILD EVEL & THE TRASHBONES are one of the world ́s greatest and most exciting young bands and here are their latest 17 hit-recordings “TALES FROM THE CAVE”!
Steve Satellite, Entertainment Editor Garagepunk News Magazine

Burlesque Show by Bayou Mystére

Neil Sick Smith (Stay Sick/UK)
Chris Sick Moore (Stay Sick/UK)
Traxman (Soundflat Records/D)
DrDr Robert (Teenage Kicks/D)

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